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The Aesthetic That’s Taking The Internet By Storm!

 The coquette aesthetic has arrived, and it’s here to stay. Instagram and the rest of social media have been obsessed with this adorable trend, but what is it exactly? 

Ultimately, the coquette aesthetic is all about embracing a girly and innocent brand of femininity. It romanticizes dainty dresses, cute pink bows, and braids. This fashion and beauty trend is inspired by the word coquette itself, which means “a woman who flirts.”

The overall vibe is playful, romantic, and delicate. It can be incorporated into fashion style or decor. It often incorporates pastel and pink colors. Ultimately, it’s a lifestyle that celebrates all things feminine. 

Look-wise, consider it a mix of balletcore and other dreamily romantic styles. Think Mary Janes or ballet flats, frills, ruffles, lace, silk slip dresses, and mini skirts. Designers such as Sandy Liang are embodying this style in creative ways.

A fast Google search will let you know how major this aesthetic movement has become, with Gen Z exploring coquette vibes the most. On TikTok, #coquetteaesthetic has more than five billion views. Similarly, Pinterest searches for “bow outfit” have increased by a whopping 190% as of January 2024. It’s set to be one of the year’s biggest trends, not just with Gen Z but with millennials. Bows are having a moment, and we’re here for it!

Lana Del Rey surprisingly found herself at the center of the coquette movement when TikTokers used her song “Let The Light In” as a sound effect in videos where social media users put bows on random things, from ice cubes to rabbits. One hysterical TikToker @kennarwoodhilarious even put bows on and in her giant tub of Aquaphor, which earned her more than 12.6 million views.

Young and stylish celebrities like Sydney Sweeney, Zendaya, and Lily-Rose Depp have also been catching onto the trend and flooring us with their coquette looks on the red carpet. 

Now, this aesthetic isn’t completely new. Feminine style has always been around. But with the rise of Gen Z aesthetics like quiet luxury, cottagecore, and soft girl aesthetic, it’s recently resurged in popularity. 

LA stylist Marisa Ledford told People magazine that the style was a hyper-feminine one that paid homage to the “Victorian Regency era” and first rose to popularity in the 2010s on Tumblr, as well as the Japanese Lolita subculture, which became popular in the 1990s and also took inspiration from Vitoria clothing. 

As to why the trend is blowing up in 2024, social media marketer Mya Shell said on TikTok that the aesthetic lets women reclaim a sense of their childhood and bring girlhood into their adult lives. It’s a way to get back in touch with their younger, more innocent selves and share it with the world playfully. 

The coquette look has also been a way to pay tribute to 2024, which is being dubbed “the year of the girl” due to pop culture moments like Greta Gerwig’s iconically pink “Barbie” movie and Taylor Swift’s equally legendary Eras Tour. Not to mention women reclaiming girlhood with viral memes like “girl dinner” and “girl math.”

At the end of the day, girls just want to have fun, as the saying goes! This lighthearted trend is just another way to have fun and embrace womanhood in all its beauty, so more power to #coquetteaesthetic.

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